Great Dog & Cat Lover Gifts For Your Pet This Holiday Season
– by Michelle Dalida

It’s Turkey month! The holidays will be here before you know it and what should Santa Claus bring our animal friends this year? We'll make it easy for old Saint Nick and narrow it down to this year’s most popular dog & and cat lovers gifts to give.

1) Doggles Comfort Pup Dog Nest with Heartbeat

The smart guys that invented this put not only a plush dog in the bed to keep our best friends company, but also installed the sound and feel of a real heartbeat! This is sure to make sure that the dogs (and us) get a good nights rest.

2) Pet Bandanas

They’re easier and a lot more comfortable for our furry friend than full on outfits, these bandanas give a little extra flair but without all the hassle.

3) BiteMeSpears

This toy is sure to get a couple of chuckles, a chew toy of the most stalked-I mean talked about celebrity today, Britney Spears. Just be careful not to give this to a pet in a household with small children, because after this plush toy all beloved stuffed animals will be fair game.

4) Pet Sweaters

These sweaters not only look adorable for those holiday portraits, but keep your pets warm with super soft cashmere.

5) Doggie Travel Kit

This kit makes traveling a breeze with compartments for water, food, medicine, toys and clothes.

6) Cat Bed

It’s not called a cat nap for nothing! This year cat beds are all about luxury and style. Check out some of the newest designs from a bed shaped to follow the natural curve of a cat’s spine to zebra print bedding.

7)   Gift Basket

Tis’ the season of sharing with these gift sets which have treats for pet lovers and pets.

8) Luxury Kitty Litter Box

This design hides away a dirty litter box while adding storage to any room

9) Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa Sprintz Duo

These yummy scented sprays, like vanilla and grapefruit, are great for in-between washings to hydrate and add shine to your pet’s coat.

10) Bone Shaped Muffin Pan

Now pet lovers can make their very own gourmet doggie treats! And at only 19.99 these veterinarian approved baking pans are a steal!

Happy Holidays!


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