Homeopathy For Pets
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Homeopathy For Pets

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Unlike powerful pharmaceutical drugs, most pet homeopathic medications do not create side-effects. ( In some cases where pharmaceutical pet medications are administered, the "cure" is worse than the problem)  The pet homeopathy medications are prepared from substances listed in the United States and European Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. 

By the nature of their preparation, there are no unwanted side effects to the pet homeopathy medications. It is safe to use on neonates, geriatrics and during pregnancy.

Pet homeopathy medication has long been popular in Europe and Asia . It is easy to find thousands of veterinarians who employ this form of medicine exclusively in the treatment of both large and small animals. 

In the U.S. , the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association includes about 250 veterinarians who use pet homeopathy meds to varying degrees in their treatment programs, and Homeopathic medicine is an officially recognized branch of medicine by U.S. federal law.

Homeopathy medications for pets are excellent when the problems are acute in nature. Insect stings or bite wounds with swellings can be treated with Apis (bee venom) when they are very puffy, Ledum (Marsh Tea) when they are cold to the touch, or Hypericum ( St. John's Wart) when they are tender to the touch.  These are just some quick examples of well known homeopathic remedies.

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