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Why buy Pet Insurance? 

Pet insurance pays your veterinarian bills associated with expensive pet injury and emergency care. Pet care costs have risen over 70% in the past five years due to advances in veterinary medicine and technology!

Advantages of Pet Insurance

One advantage of pet insurance is that a monthly premium ranging from $10 to $60 per month is a sensible way for many people to take care of the costs associated with pet healthcare, particularly those whose pets are older or have chronic or genetic conditions. Most pet insurance policies require a deductible.

Costs are skyrocketing in pet healthcare mainly due to more sophisticated technology and treatment. Pet insurance plans usually offer fixed premiums and deductibles for full or partial coverage.

Disadvantages of Pet Insurance

Usually preventive care such as vaccinations and flea and tick control are not covered.

If your pet is in good health, you may not need to incur the expense of pet-insurance.

One way to help you decide if pet insurance is the right choice for you is to do a cost versus benefit analysis. Taking factors into consideration such as age, life expectancy, heredity, pre-existing or chronic conditions, and how much you typically spend on your pet's health care during a year. Many people find that itís more cost effective to pay for veterinarian care out of pocket rather than purchasing pet insurance.

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Pet Health Insurance protects you and your pets.

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