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Some pet insurance companies offer specialized plans such as:

  • Accident only (may have a life insurance component)

  • Emergency only (injuries, accidents, allergic reactions)

  • Chronic only (cancer, distemper, whooping cough, respiratory illness)

  • Healthy pet (vaccines, flea control, worming, spaying/neutering)

How do I find price quotes for Pet Insurance?

One of the best resources for comparing some of the top pet insurnace plans is

Here is a list of information you may need to provide about your pet.

  • Name of pet

  • Type of animal

  • Breed (if applicable)

  • Petís date of birth

  • When did you get your pet?

  • Where do you live? Usually zip code

If you have an older pet, the pet insurance company may require additional information such as previous medical history and any pre-existing conditions.

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