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4.  Can You Choose Any Vet or Are You Restricted to a Network?

Look for pet insurance plans that allow you to visit:

  • Your Choice of Provider
    Be sure youíre allowed to visit your current pet health care provider or any other licensed Vet of your choice. Donít buy a policy which requires you to select a doctor you donít know from a list.
  • After-Hours Emergency Coverage
    Be sure youíre covered for illnesses and accidents that arise after normal business hours, such as coverage for emergency care at 2:00am. Also, be sure your use of the emergency clinic doesnít reduce the amount of coverage allotted for follow-up care.

  • Specialists
    Be sure youíre covered for visits to specialists, such as Ophthalmologists (eye care) and Oncologists (cancer), when needed.

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5.  Who Determines What Treatment Your Pet Receives?  

Look for plans that allow you and your Veterinarian to determine the best treatment for your pet. When your pet needs a treatment your Vet recommends, you donít want to have to worry if itís included on the benefit schedule or not. Choose a pet insurance company that doesnít limit your benefits by dictating coverage of specific treatments only, with a complicated fee or benefit schedule.

6.  What is Excluded?  

Look at what is not covered; these are commonly called exclusions. Determine if a pet insurance planís list of exclusions is too broad or excludes treatments you would want for your pet. Avoid plans with broad or long lists of exclusions. You should also be cautious if a pet-insurance provider doesnít provide you with a list of hereditary exclusions prior to buying a policy.

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