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7.  What are the Pet Insurance Deductible Options?  

Look for plans that allow you to choose a deductible that suits your needs and budget. Choosing a higher deductible will lower your monthly premium, but means your out-of-pocket will be higher each time your pet requires medical treatment. Choosing a lower deductible will increase your monthly premium, but means your out-of-pocket costs will be lower. Determine which deductible is best for your situation:

  • Higher deductible (e.g. $200) with lower premium, or
  • Lower deductible (e.g. $75) with higher premium.
Also, be sure to choose a pet insurance company that allows you to change plans and deductibles without penaltyóthis will allow you to maintain your petís coverage even in times of financial hardship.

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8.  Does Your Veterinarian Recommend the Pet Insurance Company?  

Look for a pet insurance company your Veterinarian recommends. Choosing a pet insurance company can sometimes be difficult. Ask your Veterinarian or a member of their staff which pet insurance company they recommend to provide the best coverage for your pet.

9.  What are the Per Incident and Lifetime Policy Limits?  

Look for plans with high per incident and lifetime limits. Some pet insurance companies limit the amount they reimburse you for medical care by having low per incident and lifetime limits. These low per incident limits are often unrealistic given modern veterinary medicineís ability to provide sophisticated care that can restore your petís health and extend his life. Donít be faced with a large vet bill because your plan hit its maximum. Choose a plan that allows you to effectively budget for the true costs of unexpected illness and accidents.

10.  What Type Of Experience Can I Expect?  

Look for a pet insurance company who employs pet lovers, like you. Ask if youíll be dealing with representatives who not only understand insurance but also care about and understand pets. This simple distinction can be very important when you have a problem or need help with a claim.

Now that you understand a little more about what to look for in a pet insurance company and plan, we hope you are better prepared to make an educated decision.Whatís next? Spend a little time researching your options.

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