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Amoeba belong to the Phyllum Protozoa, class Sarcodina, and order Lobosa Protozoa describes single celled organisms. Protozoa means "first animals." Amoebae survive mutually with plants, and some of them even photosynthesize. They live on and within decaying vegetation in water, wet soil, and inside larger animals.

Amoeba Physiology
Amoebae have a cell membrane containing the protoplasm. Inside the protoplasm is the nucleus. The nucleus contains the central organelle, which is the source of activity. The ectoplasm is the exterior gel of the amoeba (with is the a hunting tool and locomotive) and the endoplasm is the interior fluid. The amoeba feeds on other Protozoa using their food vacuoles the process of phagocytosis.

The amoeba reproduces itself by dividing into two equal parts (binary fission).




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