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anteater eating ants

This animal really lives up to it's name. In order to reach its food, the anteater scratches a hole in an anthill with a sharp, curved claw. It darts its tongue in and out of the hole capturing the ants and swallowing them whole.

Though anteaters never attack another animal first, they will defend themselves fiercely. When in danger it will strike out with its thick, strong claws. Its claws measure as long as four inches(10 cm). It is a match for even a mountain lion or jaguar.

anteater with baby on branch

Anteaters eat several kinds of insects, but ants and termites are the animals main food. They have no teeth, so the insect is crushed and digested in its stomach. Their eyesight is poor leaving it to its sense of smell to find food.

The life span is three to fourteen years, depending on the species. Gestation is five or six months, producing one young.

The anteater lives in tropical forests and grasslands of Central and South America. The silky anteater stays mostly in the trees. The tamandau divides its time between the ground and trees. The giant anteater can measure up to seven feet long, and and rarely climbs trees. It usually stays in its own territory. They usually live alone.



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