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planet armadillo

Armadillo Length: 5-37 inches long. Weight: 3 ounces-120 pounds.

Habitat and Range: grasslands and open forests from the southern United States through most of South America.

Armadillos come in many sizes. The pink fairy armadillo is the smallest- 6 inches from head to tail. The giant armadillo measures 5 feet.


Armadillos have a skin that is like a plate of armor used as protection from predators. Armadillo means "little armored one" in Spanish.

The armadillo has powerful, curved claws that it uses for digging burrows for sleeping and raising their young. It can hold it's breath for up to six minutes while digging the burrow. It can even cross rivers while walking on the bottom.

Armadillos are timid animals. When frightened they run for their burrows. The pink armadillo blocks the opening with its blunt, scaly hind end. The pichi armadillo wedges itself into a shallow burrow with the toothlike edges of its jagged scales. The three-banded armadillo rolls itself into a ball for protection.


Termites , grubs, and ants are a favorite food of the armadillo. The worm-shaped tongue is pushed into the nest to capture a meal. They also eat snakes, beetles worms, snails, roots fruit, and sometimes dead animals.

Most armadillos give birth to one offspring or to two twins. The nine banded armadillo gives birth to four identical offspring. The young in each litter are the same sex.

The life span is from four to sixteen years in captivity, depending on the species.



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