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Aardvark means "earth pig" in the Afrikaans language of South Africa. It's snout doesn't look like a pig's. But this long-nosed, long-eared animal is not related to the pig or any other animal.

The aardvark's nocturnal habits makes it hard to study. Only after sunset does it leave it's burrow in the grasslands or forest to look for food.

The aardvark is 6 feet long from head to tail. Its tail drags behind, leaving a groove in the ground.

It can easily attack a termites hard mound digging a hole at the base of the mound. It catches the termites with its long, worm-shaped tongue by sticking its tongue in and out of the mound in a rapid motion. It is capable of closing off its nostrils to keep out the termites, ants, and dust.

Tough skin protects the aardvark from insect bites.

It's lifespan is up to 25 years in captivity.


Aardvarks can weigh one hundred and ten pounds to one hundred and eighty pounds.

Gestation Period: 7 months, producing one or two young. After about six months the newborn will dig its own burrow.

The aardvark is a timid animal. When attacked it will sit on its rump and lash out with its front claws. Sometimes it will lie on its back and fight with all four claws.

The Future of the Aardvark

"Species not presently threatened"


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