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Bactrian camels have durable wide feet for crossing the rocky deserts of Asia. Temperatures can range from a low of minus 20 degrees in the winter to more than 100 degrees in the summer months.  They also have two layers of fur to withstand extreme weather; the outer layer reflects light to prevent overheating.

camel foot 5 gif

The huge feet of camels help them to walk on sand without sinking into it. A camel's foot can be as big as a large plate.  The two camel toes are not hooves.

Camels humps store masses of fat that nourishes them when food is scarce. They store about 80 pounds of fat in their humps at their maximum capacity.

camel nose 6 gif

Camels can shut their nostrils to keep sand out (B).  Also, nostrils conserve water vapor in exhalation and return it to the body.

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