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American Crocodile

American crocodiles dig tunnels as a refuge from the heat during droughts. This is known as aestivation

American crocodiles use their hind feet to make a hole in the peat in which to lay their eggs. The female lays from 40 to 60 eggs. She then makes a tunnel for herself close to the nest to stand guard over the eggs. After a 3 month period of incubation she will help the young to hatch by opening the nest.


The populations of the American crocodile have greatly declined. One reason is that it was hunted for it skin. Another reason is because dams and canals have diverted so much fresh water from streams for agriculture that the salt content of bays and estuaries is too high for the young to survive.

Physical Traits

All crocodilians evolved to life in the water, and have their eyes and nose on the top of the skull so that they can see and breathe while the rest of their body is submerged. 

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