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Cuscus (Phalanger) Profile

Varities include the spotted cuscus (most common), Australian cuscus, and grey cuscus.

The cuscus is an arboreal marsupial with thick white, yellow, gray, and black fur that is sometimes patterned.  Many have bright yellow noses, and bulging yellow, orange, or red eyes.  The Cuscus is about four feet long (half of its length is tail). It resides in the forests of southeastern Australia, New Guinea and neighboring islands. A Cuscus is expected to live 3-11 years in captivity.


Behavior and Diet

The cuscus lives, sleeps, and hunts in the trees.  Their long tails can wrap around tree branches to aid climbing.  Cuscuses do not have enemies.  As nocturnal omnivores, they consume insects, leaves, and fruits, and occasionally hunt lizards or birds.

Its gestation period is 2 weeks with 1 or 2 young being born (the young stays in its mother's pouch for many months).



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