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The fly is an order with very well defined characteristics - the chief one being a single pair of wings.

The adult fly emerges from the pupa soft and crumpled with a colourless skin (integument) and perfectly formed (though not fully pigmented) hairs and bristles. The newly emergent adult swallows air to expand its body and wings and to force blood through its body


Robber fly: Cyrtopogon rufipes.

Most flies are not serious agricultural pests.  Cabbage Root fly, Onion fly and Wheat Bulb fly speak for their activities but it is as carriers of disease that flies exact an immense toll.  One of the worst is the common House-fly who may fly from a meal of crude sewage to land on a plate of sweet cakes. Flies regurgitate liquid from their last meal in order to dissolve the substance of the next one.

Flies range in size from midges of little more than one millimetre to robber flies more than seven centimetres long. In general the more primitive flies (e.g., mosquitoes, midges, fungus gnats) are fragile insects with delicate wings.


Fly: Terellia serratulae

Some of the most advanced, perfectly controlled flying by any insect has been achieved by the more advanced flies. One being the Hover-fly that is able to hover like a helicopter, even outdoors. The minute midge fly can vibrate its wings up to one thousand beats per second.

The external features of the adult fly (i.e., eyes, antennas, wings, legs) are clearly visible in the pupa. The pupa, however, is not always exposed to view; it may be enclosed either in a cocoon of extraneous matter (e.g., soil, or silk, or a mixture of the two) or in a puparium

Notorious Flies: The tset se fly, native (Bantu) name, of central and southern Africa is famous for causing sleeping sickness in humans and nagana, an infectious disease in cattle and horses.



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