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It is estimated that there are a quintillion-That's  1,000,000,000,000,000,000 individual insects populating this planet. Entomologists have identified 800,000 different insect species, which means there are four times as many species of insects than all other animals combined.

Insects are the most ubiquitous of all animals and have adapted to environments where few other fauna live. Some insects live 20,000 feet high in the Himalayas, within the Arctic Circle, on the ocean surface, in the planet's deserts, and burrowed far underground.

Insects have been around for over 250 million years (before dinosaurs). They have many fascinating abilities including lifting objects 52 times their own weight. 

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Entomology : The study of insects. Insects are the most successful survivors on the earth. Insects are the dominant life form on earth, it can be argued. Consider the remarkable resiliency of insects - their short lifespans and their reproductive capacity leads to their being able to respond to environmental changes that would stress the populations of other organisms.

Taxonomy: The science of classification. Because common names can vary, a scientist Carl Linnaeus, suggested in the 1750's that an international method of classifying objects be set up so that scientists all over the world could understand each other better.

His original binomial (double name) system has been improved by a number of scientists, until now you can use the proper scientific name for an animal anywhere in the world and other scientists will know what you are talking about.



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