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Monkeys are sociable animals. While resting they groom each other. This social act maintains order. Groups vary in size. Some live in pairs for life, others live in larger troops. Usually groups are protected by a dominant male.

Most monkeys are active during the day. Only the night monkey, or douroucouli (dur-uh-coo-lee), of South America moves around after dark.

The loudest monkeys are the howler monkeys of the New World. They are the largest too. They howl to let other monkeys know where they are, and to keep others out of their territory.


Baboons are the largest of all monkeys and live in tightly organized groups. These troops can number into the hundreds. The hamadryas (ham-uh-drys-uhs) baboons of eastern Africa live in smaller groups with one male leading several females and their young.

Baboons are ground dwellers. They may travel 12 miles a day looking for food. Living on the ground can make the baboon easy prey for many predators, but a male baboon is a fierce foe topping the scale at 100 lbs.

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