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Future of the Monkey

The Borneo proboscis monkey is threatened with extinction from habitat loss and hunting. In 1977, an estimated 6,400 proboscis monkeys were found living in Sarawak. Today 1,000 survive.

More than 100 tropical species of monkeys are endangered or threatened. Captive breeding and support from zoos provide some hope, but are futile if the animals' native habitat is completely destroyed.

Research and conservation help in their native homes provide more hope. Lincoln Park Zoo participates in a global conservation program for howler monkeys and has provided funding to help support a protected reserve for howlers in the wilds of Belize.

Monkeys in Pop Culture

Monkeys have long inspired human curiosity, especially in entertainment. Bands such as The Monkeys, and The Arctic Monkeys have taken their name, while songs such as "Monkey Wrench", "Monkey Man", and "Brass Monkey" go down in rock history.
Monkeys are considered sacred symbols of devotion by Hindus. In India, languor monkeys live on the grounds of Hindu temples, where people bring them offerings of food. They are familiar sights in open-air markets, where they help themselves to fruits and vegetables.



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