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Porcupines; Order: rodent.  A porcupine's habitat and range: forests, deserts, and grasslands of North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Porcupines can weigh from 2 to 60 pounds depending on the species. A prickly coat of needle-sharp quills is the porcupine's best defense. Ordinarily the quills lay flat. But if an enemy approaches the porcupine will raise the quills and spread them, usually deterring the enemy. If the animal is not deterred the quills may lodge in the enemy's flesh when the porcupine brushes against the animal. New quills grow in to relace the lost ones. The porcupine cannot throw its quills.

There are two groups of porcupines. They differ in habits and appearance. The porcupines of the Americas  also climb trees. Some have been seen using their tails to hold on to branches. In the winter the North American porcupine eats evergreen needles and bark. When spring arrives they feed on leaves, buds, stems, and fruit.

Depending on the species, the gestation period is from 2 to 7 months, bearing 1 to 4 young.

The life span of captive porcupines can be as much as 20 years.



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