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Opossum/Possum..Order: Marsupial

Size: head and body- 3-20 inches, tail- 4-20 inches.

Habitat and Range: wooded areas in parts of North and South America.

There are more than 65 kinds of opossums in North and South America. But only one kind plays possum, the Virginia, or common, opossum of North America. The phrase "playing possum" comes from this animal's ability to appear dead when an enemy approaches. The opossum will lie still as if it is dead, with its eyes closed or when opened, staring, and without blinking. Its tongue hangs from the side of its mouth and it will still play dead if moved by the animal or even tossed about.


The opossum eats grasses, leaves, fruits, insects, reptiles, nuts, and other small animals.

Their life span is about 3 years in the wild.

Females can have as many as 20 young after a pregnancy of 2 weeks, with up to two litters a year.

Opossums live in wooded areas of North and South America. They are the only marsupial that lives in North America.


If an opossum has been prowling around a house you can usually spot its tracks in the dirt. Its long tail drags in the dirt leaving a wavy mark with paw prints on either side.

Opossums sleep during the day and forage for food at night. If they live near people they will search for garbage.



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