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Sea Lions originally lived in the northern Pacific and slowly moved to the south Pacific. Sea lions are seldom found in the Arctic and never found in the Atlantic Ocean. The sea lions fur is much coarser and lack the silky under-fur of the fur seals. They usually chose open beaches for basking and giving birth.

Sea lions feed on fish and hunt for food close to shore.

Stellar sea lions are the most northerly of the species. The males are very large, up to 11 feet long.

The California sea lion is much smaller. It can be found along the coast of California and Mexico.

California sea lions have been intensively studied. They are easier to study since they are so accessible and respond well to human attention. In the month of May the bulls take to the beaches and start their harems. The pups are born in June and two weeks after birth the females mate again with the bulls.

The California population numbers over 50,000.

The sea lions main diet consists of fish and squid but they will try crustaceans and other marine life.

The South American species is a large sea lion found mostly in the southern half of the continent with colonies found from southern Brazil to Chile and Peru. The best known are those of the Falkland Islands. Those populating the Falkland Islands have fallen in numbers due to hunting. Still, the specie is plentiful.

Two other species are found in the southern hemisphere. The Australian sea lion and the New Zealand sea lion.

The Future of the Sea Lions

The Stellar Sea Lion is on the endangered species list and its recent decline is being studied. There's about 100,000 left, mostly in Alaska.



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