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The Zebra is a part of the horse family, Equidae, native to central, eastern and southern Africa. They are most well known for their distinctive black and white stripes.  The most common type of zebra is the Plains Zebra.

Plains zebras flourish in huge herds upon open grasslands and semi-desert areas of Africa. They share habitat with antelope, which do not compete for food. Also, mixing of herds may help protect them from predators such as lions and hyenas with power in numbers.

Grant's zebra is one of several sub-species of Plains zebras. These zebras average 53 inches in height and weigh between 500 and 700 pounds. It is distinguished from other Plains zebras by the presence of leg striping down to the hooves and broad stripes on a white background.


Zebra’s stripes are an excellent camouflage because lions (zebras main predator) are believed to be color blind.  Confusion is another defense mechanism.  Zebras cluster together to confuse would-be predators with their stripes when they feel threatened.

  Some scientists suggest that stripes act as a cooling system through a process called convection. As the zebra stands in the sun, the black stripes grow to be 10 degrees Celsius hotter than the white stripes. A special layer of fat beneath black stripes insulates the zebra, allowing it to withstand the higher temperature. Heat causes air to circulate: sweaty hot air rises off the stripes and is replaced by cooler, dryer air. Like a fan, the evaporation of sweat cools the zebra.

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