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The Pomeranian is a descendent from the sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland.

They have been called members of "the spitz group" which is an undocumented title.

The name Pomeranian comes from Pomerania, but this is not where they originated. It is thought that this is where they bred the dog down to its small size. When the Pomeranian was a larger dog he was a herder of sheep. In fact, when it came into notice in Britain about the middle of the preceding century, some specimen are said to have weighed as much as thirty pounds and to have resembled the German wolf spitz in size, coat, color.

Docile in temperament but high spirited, the Pomeranian makes a great pet and companion. Said not to be good with children. The hair is long and thick with some shedding. Colors range from all solids to black, red, tan and multi-colored. Needs grooming twice a week.

Size-For exhibition is 3-7 pounds. The ideal size for show specimens is from 4-5 pounds.

Costs- $15.00 a month.

Training Information

American Pomeranian Club, Inc. (M)

Corres. Secretary, Brenda Turner, 3910 Concord Place, Texarkana, TX 75501-2212

Breeder Contact, Jane Lehtinen, 1325 9th St. S, Virginia, MN 55792, (218) 741-2117

Brandy Girl, Pomeranian Grandma Dog Retired

by Sharon Blawat


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