Pot Belly Pigs

Pot-Belly Pig

Please don't buy a pig unless you KNOW what you're getting into. Pot-Belly Pigs can live up to 20 years. Are you really willing to make that commitment? Can you afford a pig, the vet bills and housing accommodations? Cleaning up after a pig is a little more time consuming than for a cat or dog. Do you want to work extra around the house or yard? Pigs will eat your garden, flowers and shrubs. Are you willing to give these things up or make other plans for yard space? Several sites below go into the question of ownership with some depth.

PBP's can get up to 125 pounds, but mixed breeds and exceptions get bigger. Don't even think about controlling size with food as weight is programmed in their genes. Any breeder that suggests that controlling size and weight is possible through food should be avoided and publicly humiliated. Would you keep food away from a child because you preferred small children?

Pigs make great pets, but they are not dogs or cats. Maybe somewhere in between. I tend to believe that they have more personality. They do require significant amounts of attention, love and scratches. But they aren't always snuggly in return. Pigs aren't soft or cuddly to touch either, they have spiky hair covering their body and they have little hooves to walk on not soft pads like dogs and cats.

Pigs would probably eat whatever you put in their bowl (or leave out for them to find), but that's not good for the pigs. "Slopping" pigs is a good way too to make for bad gas and diarrhea. Pigs do like fresh fruits and vegetables and these make great supplements and treats for a good pig.PBP's are very smart. Shrewd might be more like it. It's like living with a 2 year old, a sneaky 2 year old.

Pigs are pretty hardy and can generally handle any outside weather you can.

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