Pet Features
On this page you’ll find links to our Veterinarians Corner, Pet Advisors and articles by
Gloria Dodd D.V.M. with helpful advice about caring for your pets and animals.

Pet Features

Vet’s Corner
Read in depth articles by Gloria Dodd D.V.M., graduate of the University of California, School of Veterinary Medicine at Davis in 1960; pioneer in holistic veterinary medicine (the use of natural alternative therapies of acupuncture, chiropractic, natural nutrition, homeopathy, and magnetic field therapy.

Pet Advisors
Connect here with Planet-Pets Q&A boards dealing with issues about your pets.  Ask questions, share experiences and knowledge with fellow pet lovers.

Picture Your Pet!
Does your pet deserve the star treatment? See images sent in by others and then submit your pet pictures for publication!

Kid’s Korner
Fun facts, activities, and information pages for your Planet Pets’ kid!

Humorous Animal Cards
Cute and memorable pictures of your favorite animals with funny captions.

Pet Humor & Inspiration
How many dogs does it take to screw in a light bulb?  Click here to find out!

Disasters & Pets
Direction, strategies and advice on how to prepare for those unforeseen emergencies (both health and natural disaster preparation).

Find amazing stories, news articles, and statistics involving your favorite animals.


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Pet Blog

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Pet Advice

Do you have questions or need more information about your pet?

Click here to post your pet advice question on our advisor's message boards.

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