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For a long time the parakeet above, The Splendid Parakeet, was thought to be extinct, as it's cherished homes are in the wild and remote places. It is a nomadic bird, another reason it is seldom seen. It is a timid bird, living in pairs or small groups. The female is less brightly colored than the male.

Sexing: The ceres (the bridge of waxy flesh that surrounds the nostril at the base of the beak) of the normal dark-eyed males are bols and blue tinted, whereas those of the young hens are flatter and of a white or whitis-blue shade. When adult, the ceres of the male will be bright blue, that of the female tan, whitish-blue, buff or brown.

The red-eyed varieties and the Harlequins, it is much more difficult. Here the cocks have flesh-colored ceres and many of the young hens have ceres of a similar color. However, the ceres of the cocks are usually much more bold and glossy.

Food: Canary- grass seed, sunflower and millet seeds, oats, fruit, berries and green stuff.

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