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The Puli is a medium-sized dog, 14-19 inches in height, weighs 20-40 pounds. Noted for its long corded, or roped hair. He is not a mixture of a poodle and another breed. This breed goes back 1,100 to 8,000 years ago. Coats come in black, gray or white.

Requires plenty of exercise to maintain health and be content. He is fast and quick, fearless and hard working. Good around children he was raised with, reserved around strangers and other animals. Usually very well behaved, and can "read" situations well and adjust behavior as warranted.

Although he hardly ever sheds, cords take great care to maintain the Puli's look. Usually takes 3-5 years for cords to reach the ground.

The Puli's hair will naturally divide into ropes, maintain with the fingers to clean and groom. Owner must be diligent in skin care, and ensure total absence of fleas or other pests on the pet. Scratching from dermatitis, or other problems, can result in cords being ripped or chewed off.

When bathing, his coat must be separated into cords both before and after his bath. He must be blotted dry. Drying of his coat takes hours, care must be given to make sure he is not left damp. Hair dryers are not recommended. Be careful of the shampoos you use. Rinse him well after a bath, usually thirty minutes of rinsing is needed to remove ALL soap residue from his coat. Dilute all shampoos more than the bottle states. If showing the dog, bathe every 2-3 weeks, otherwise every six weeks should be fine, if he does not get too dirty. If a house pet, should be no problem with bathing every six weeks. He should only be bathed when coat is sticky or stinky.

Weekly (or as needed, depending upon the pet) separate each cord with fingers to get debris out of the coat.

If urine is a problem on the coat, separate his hair down both sides of his legs into little "pony tails". Take each section and pull to the outward side of leg, near the front of his body and tie.

Keep hair on the pads of the feet trimmed so he won't slip, or get debris caught in the hair which can hurt him.

If the extra care of the Puli is daunting to you, think of it as just part of the love and play time you'll enjoy spending with him. You'll have a wonderful friend!

Training Information

Puli Club of America, Inc. (M)

Secretary, Mrs. Sandra SchickedanzP.O. Box 2806Edmond, OK 73083-2806405-359-0322 email

Breeder Contact, Mrs. Sandra Schickedanz P.O. Box 2806Edmond, OK 73083-2806405-359-0322 email


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