Dutch Lop Rabbit


The Dutch Lop rabbit is known as an excellent breeder. Also known as the Holland Lop. It is heavily muscled, short coupled, compact and well balanced in length, width, and depth. The shoulders and chest should be broad and well balanced in length, width and depth.

It is the smallest breed of the lop rabbit family. The Holland Lop is very popular and well-liked by many rabbit enthusiasts, pet owners and breeders in the United States because of its compact size and attractiveness or "cuteness". It is characterized for having a bulky, stocky and a muscular body; its ideal weight is 3 lb (1.4 kg) although some may reach a maximum weight of 4 lb (1.8 kg).

The shoulders and chest should be broad and well filled, same as the hindquarters. The head being massive in appearance setting high on the shoulders and close to the shoulders showing no neck. With the depth almost equal at the top of the shoulder as over the hindquarters. The legs are to be short, thick, straight, and heavily boned for the size of the animal. Ears are to be bell-shaped and short, no longer than 1 inch below the chin.


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