English Angora Rabbit

The English Angora is the most popular of all the 4 breeds. They are enchanting looking creatures with a temperament to match. English are the clowns of the group. Their delightful fuzzy faces and ears make them look like stuffed animals that move.

They weigh in at about 7 - 8 pounds at maturity. Rabbit shows are definitely one of their milieus.

They are always a big draw at any show and quite a few take away Best In Show honors. There is nothing more awesome than a well presented, fully coated English.

This particular rabbit is very curious and definitely people friendly.

They make super house rabbits as long as you are a responsible pet owner.

They need to be groomed on a weekly basis. They need a litter box that is covered with floor wire so their coats do not drag through the litter.

All rabbits need to be supervised when out of their houses. And that includes all Angoras. They will chew any cord available to them (I can't tell you how many phone cords I've replaced). They will chew baseboards.

House rabbits need a safe environment in which to play and be loved by their people. I use my kitchen which is easily gated off.

This information provided by Cheryl Buck. Visit her web site the PepperPatch Farm.  

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