Himalayan Angora Rabbit

The Himalayan rabbit has a docile temperament. Comes in the colors: chocolate, black, blue and lilac, weighing in at about 4 1/2 pounds. One of the oldest established breeds.

No one can be certain in knowing where this bunny originated from. He is known in various parts of the world as a: Russian, Chinese, the Egyptian, Black Nose to name a few.

All pet rabbits need time outside of the cage for socialization with their human family. He will love roaming the house, but keep an eye on him, rabbits love to chew.

Another easy way to get close to him is to groom him. Long-haired rabbits need a wire slicker type of brush, while one with short hair one can use a bristle type of brush.

Pet rabbits also benefit from having balls and tube toys to play with.  

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