Satin Angora Rabbit

The Satin Angora is one of the most beautiful and yet the least popular of all the Angora breeds.

Breeders have come a long way since those first animals were accepted into ARBA. The grooming was a major problem and now they are the easiest ones to care for in my barn. Granted, this is after cutting of the first 2 or 3 coats. But after that they are beautiful and wonderfully silken wool producers. (I mean what I say the shimmer of their wool when blended with silk fibre is to die for...)

Satins run the gamut of rabbit personalities. I have had them shy and non responsive and I've had them playful and very 'human' oriented. I would not recommend this rabbit for young children but I have seen some teens who show them quite successfully.

They do get upwards of 9 1/2 pounds with a quite respectable commercial body.

If you love angoras try adding one to your collection.

This information provided by Cheryl Buck. Visit her web site the PepperPatch Farm.  

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