Russo-European Laika Dog Breed

Russo-European Laikas
Russo-European Laika

This is an awesome dog who hunts bear, moose, wolf and boar. Closely related to the Karelian Bear Laika, the Russo-European Laika was developed by Russian breeders who crossed the Karelian Bear Laika with the Utchak
Sheepdog. The latter is an absolutely fearless animal that doesn't think twice when meeting up with any large like animal such as himself.

This dog is certainly not a family pet. The Russo-European Laika inherited much of the
Utchak's fearless nature and will not hesitate to attack a full-grown animal. If this trait could be focused properly, the breed would be a truly powerful guard dog.

Height - 21 to 24 inches (53 to 61 cm). Weight - 45 to 50 pounds (20 to 23 kg.) Coat type - short. Color-usually black and white.

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