Samoyed Dog Breed

Samoyed Dogs

Dogs of the ages, with a history and tradition as fascinating as the Samoyed breed itself. The legend says that, from the plateau of Iran, man's first earthly habitat, as the sons of man multiplied, the mightier tribes drove the lesser ones, with their families, their herds, and their dogs, farther and farther away in order that the natural food found there might be ample enough for those remaining.

On ward and still farther northward through Mongolia, then the center of the world's culture, on and on, went the lesser tribes, until eventually the Samoyed peoples, primitives of the family of Sayantsi, found themselves in the vast tundra reaching from the White Sea to the Yenisei River. Here they led a nomadic life, depending on their reindeer herd and upon the dogs as reindeer shepherds, sledge dogs, and household companions.

Here, through the centuries, the Samoyed has bred true. Of all modern breeds, the Samoyed is most nearly akin to the primitive dog-no admixture of wolf or fox runs in the Samoyed strain.

This dog is intelligent, gentle, loyal, adaptable, alert, full of action, eager to serve, friendly but conservative, not distrustful or shy, not overly aggressive.

Height: 21-23 1/2 inches for the males; females, 19-21 inches.

Coat types - long, straight, white. Average shedder. Groomed twice a week.

Costs - averages $30.00 a month.

Training Information

Samoyed Club of America, Inc. (M)

Corres. Secretary, Lori Elvera, 3711 Brices Ford Ct., Fairfax, VA 22033

Breeder Contact, Lori Elvera, 3711 Brices Ford Ct., Fairfax, VA 22033


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