Volume 1 - Issue 2   June 2007

Breaking News In The Pet World

Legal Fallout From Pet Food Recall Heats Up --Brandon James

When Menu Foods, Inc. decided to recall all of their manufactured “cuts and gravy” style pet foods in early March of 2007 due to a number of pet owners complaining that their pets were getting sick, the door for retribution via lawsuits was opened...

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The Scoop - June Pet Poll

June Pet Poll Questions is:

With more information being revealed about the true story of how the melamine-spiked wheat gluten that was the cause of the poisoning of thousands of American pets is being revealed, which party do you believe bears the most of the fault?

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Pet Photo/Video Of The Month!

No one’s better at raising our spirits with a little bit of humor, glimpse of genius, or just plain silliness than our furry friends... 

Whether it’s that favorite trick you taught them or those spontaneous moments of brilliance they show you, this section of The Scoop is dedicated to the lighter side of our pets.  

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Discover Healthy Pet Net

With the recent pet food recall at the forefront of our minds, you are likely very conscious of the need for the best possible nutrition for your pet. We have found a source for some of the most nutritious, high quality foods and treats available for your pet with “Life’s Abundance”, a fresh pet food line created by Dr. Jane Bicks, in partnership with Healthy PetNet. 

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Me & My Pet - Contest!

Me and My Pet May 2007 Contest Winners!

Meet Last Month's Winners!
Shaila Vaidya & Carter

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Photo And Video Contest

The bond between you and your pet is as special and unique as each snowflake that falls from the sky.  

Planet Pets is YOUR active community where you can share your own wonderful pet photos and stories.  

Every month in "You and Your Pet", you have a fun and exciting opportunity to tell us about your special pet.

Your story can be funny, serious, inspiring or thought provoking - this is your chance to shine!

If your submission is chosen to be Featured in The Scoop's "You and Your Pet" section,  your story, along with your pictures or video, will be published in this monthly newsletter and you and your pet will win a $100 gift certificate good for pet food and pet supplies!

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Discover Planet-Pets

This month's Articles:

1.  Fleas And Your Pet's Health
Dennise Brogdon

2.  Home Aquarium Introduction
by: Andrew Fuller

3.  Weapons In Keeping Your Pet Healthy
by Brandon James

4.  New Fish Into Your Aquarium
Nathan Miller

Pet Cause Of The Month

The Humane Society Of The United States

The Humane Society of the United States

The Scoop eBook Reviews

This Month, we review:

Tropical Fish Secrets -
Your Ultimate Guide to Tropical Fish

By Sean LeMay

Dog Training Mastery - An Owner's Manual

By Ray Coleiro