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Volume 1 - Issue 4   August 2007

Breaking News!

Planet-Pets TV Debut!

We've been "busy bees" here at Planet-Pets.com this past month devising creative ways to continue to bring our readers quality information in the most entertaining ways we can imagine- Announcing Planet Pets TV!

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News & Comment

"Don't Think You'll Be Seeing Versace Make a Purse Out Of This"

By Brandon James

It may sound bad, but throughout my life I’ve always found that the strangest things I’ve ever come across have come consistently from Asia. Get ready for Panda Products you won't believe...

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The Scoop - August Pet Poll

August Pet Poll Questions is:

Giant pandas may be on the endangered species list, but is that enough for you to purchase any of the “panda poo products,” (see article above) ranging from odor-free bookmarks to Olympic-themed statues of the animals?

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Pet Video Of The Month!

Funny Bully Turtle

Pet Food Recall Recap

Not much has happened since the initial discovery of the strange sickness that began afflicting America’s pets in early March of this year.  Many of the pet owners who suffered a loss due to the melamine-tainted pet food have sought out class action suits as a way of serving justice.  As these suits proceed, we will keep you informed.
However, if you wish to see the most recent and currently updated list of the pet food, and a fresh, healthy alternative that we are proud to recommend, search the links below.

FDA and USDA continue their comprehensive investigation to protect the nation's food supply.

  Take a Look at Planet-Pets Recommended Healthy Pet Food

  Search Combined List of Recalled Pet Food Products
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Pet Articles

5 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Barking Excessively

By Kelly Marshall

Without a doubt one of the most annoying issues for owners is a dog that is a chronic barker. These dogs seem to bark at anything and everything and do not stop barking even when the threat or event is over.

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Ten Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

By Michelle Johnson

As a dog owner, we all want what's best for our dog. With the newest reports about the proper diet for your dog, they should have carbohydrates, vegetables, etc., more and more dog owners are giving their dog table scraps...

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Me And My Pet - Contest!

Meet This Month's Winners!
Carla Murray & Joshua

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Photo And Video Contest

The bond between you and your pet is as special and unique as each snowflake that falls from the sky.  

Planet Pets is YOUR active community where you can share your own wonderful pet photos and stories.  

Every month in "Me and My Pet", you have a fun and exciting opportunity to tell us about your special pet.

Your story can be funny, serious, inspiring or thought provoking - this is your chance to shine!

If your submission is chosen to be Featured in The Scoop's "Me and My Pet" section,  your story, along with your pictures or video, will be published in this monthly newsletter and you and your pet will win a $100 gift certificate good for pet food and pet supplies!

Submission Information (how to submit your picture (or video) and story.)

Pet Cause Of The Month

Instead of highlighting a specific cause this month, I thought it would be nice to share with you a great resource for finding quality, credible non-profit organizations that meet YOUR standards, issue-focus, and core values. 

Guidestar.org is a website that delivers information on over 1.5 million non-profit organizations that are formally registered with the IRS or have proven they meet all IRS criteria for exempt organizations.  Although their search resource requires a monthly or annual subscription, the quality of information you receive is unsurpassed.

Here are GuideStar's tips for donors who want to give with their heads as well as their hearts.

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The Scoop Featured eBook

A unique, fun resource for people who share their lives with parrots.

This unique resource offers you an opportunity to interact with your parrot on a more meaningful level so you can get to know each other better, develop and maintain a great trusting relationship, and experience the amazing abilities of pet birds.

"Happy Pet Birds" is a parrot manual and ecatalog that provides you with everything you need to have a great relationship with your bird while saving you time and money on all the cool stuff your feathered friend will love.

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