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Volume 1 - Issue 5   September 2007

Planet-Pets TV

Doggie Dip Digest (Episode 2)

In this second episode, we share what happened when Planet Pets TV traveled to Huntington Dog Beach and asked dog owners about their special relationship with their pets.  In these candid interviews, we found some heart warming stories and also touched on some important issues that every dog and pet owner should know about.

Brandon James and Amanda Fruta with Planet-Pets TV

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News & Comment

"Travel With The Family is Going To The Dogs"

By Brandon James

With the recent announcement by Hilton Hotels that their world-wide chain would now be featuring a pet-friendly policy, it appears that many travel-based organizations are awakening to a growing trend – traveling with your pet...

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The Scoop - September Pet Poll

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Traveling With Your Pet!

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Pet Video Of The Month!

Cute Baby Hedgehog!

Cute Pet Hedgehog video graphic

Cartoon: Man is outside while dog has a drink in the bar.
Pet Food Recall

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Pet Articles

Safe Travel With Your Pet

By Sharon Staida

If you own a pet at some point you might have to travel with that pet. It is very important to take your pet’s well being and safety into consideration.

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Tips On Moving With Pets

By Kyle Thomas Haley

If you’re a pet owner and are planning to move to a new home, remember that moving can be even more stressful for your animals than it is for you. But there are several things you can do to make it easier on your dog or cat.

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Me And My Pet - Contest!

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Photo And Video Contest

Planet Pets is YOUR active community where you can share your own wonderful pet photos and stories.    

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Pet Cause Of The Month

Immortal Pets to Donate Lifetime Pet Memorials

ImmortalPets.com would like to donate up to 1,000 free lifetime pet memorials, a $35,000 value, to the families who have lost pets over the recent poisonous pet food issue.

As animal lovers ourselves, our hearts go out to these families and their children. We feel an online pet memorial will help ease their pain in this difficult time.

ImmortalPets.com offers beautiful online pet memorials with pictures, tributes, music and candles. Having a place to visit your pet any time of the day or night helps ease your loss and keeps precious memories alive forever.

Victims should email us and we will assist them with their memorial.

For more information, please visit: www.ImmortalPets.com or email: Terry@immortalpets.com.


The Scoop eBook Review

This month we review:
Cat Training Secrets!
By Cassandra Mandello

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