Volume 1 - Issue 8   December 2007

It’s Christmas Time and the excitement of the season is in the air at Planet-Pets.com! This year has been a remarkable one in our history and we’re so glad we could share it with you.

Announcing the Million Pet Network – the MySpace for your pets… And you!


 Million Pet Network Frontpage

We at Planet-Pets.com are excited to announce the world debut of the Million Pet Network, our social network for pets and the owners who love them!


The Million Pet Network has the simple goal of bringing one million pet lovers together to share profiles of their pets by using photos, videos, stories and more!


It’s like a MySpace or Facebook for you and your pet!


Meet other pet lovers, view their pet profiles, watch funny pet videos, make new friends, build your own pet-specific groups and much, much more! It is truly an exciting site for pet lovers!


The Million Pet Network will also serve a higher goal. We are in the process of researching a solid pet cause or organization that we can raise money for through the Million Pet Network.


The future is exciting indeed – please take a look at the Million Pet Network by visiting the site – www.MillionPetNetwork.com  and… don’t forget to tell your friends!!


Planet-Pets TV

Planet-Pets TV Invades The Cat Fanciers Association – Funny Video Of Cat Show

Planet-Pets TV Episode 5

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The Scoop - December Pet Poll

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Traveling with your pet.

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Pet Videos Of The Month!

The Jingle Cats Sing White Christmas and An Amazing Holiday Light Show

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Pet Articles

The Difference Between Wrapping Presents with Dogs & Cats
- by Brandon James

I just love having fun with the difference between dogs and cats and the people who love them… here’s a favorite of mine!

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Ways To Include Your Pet In Your Holiday Fun!
– by Michelle Dalida

Pets are curious and they sense the excitement and happiness that pervades the holiday season. Why not include them in the celebration?

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Take it From Me...
– by Michelle Dalida

What is the best (but can also be the worst) present? An adorable little puppy or kitten with a bow around it. This may seem like the perfect idea, but I know first-hand...

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Me And My Pet Contest!

Photo And Video Contest

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Planet Pets is YOUR active community where you can share your own wonderful pet photos and stories.    

Every month in "Me and My Pet", you have a fun and exciting opportunity to tell us about your special pet.

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Featured Pet Website

The “Discs For Dogs” Charity Program

Do you have any old CDs or DVDs in your house that are just collecting dust?   Have you ever tried selling those old discs at a second-hand CD store, only to be told that they were unacceptable because they were too scratched, had missing or damaged artwork, or because the store just wasn't interested in those titles?

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