Volume 2 - Issue 3   May 2008

In honor of my favorite month of the year, we’ve decided to examine some of the important issues pet owners, specifically dog owners, will be facing when the warmer weather comes and your puppy will be scratching to get out there!  Also, Michelle wrote a wonderful article that you should share at the dinner table with your kids about how to deal with strange or wandering pets.  There was a terrible attack on some school children recently, and so we wanted to share some effective tips for your children to keep them safe.

Enjoy “The Scoop” For May 2008.

Brandon James

Planet-Pets TV

In Planet Pets TV Episode 8, our hosts, Brandon James and Bonnie Rogers VOLUNTEER to get mauled by a very serious police "search and apprehension" dog! (what were they thinking?)
This is "must-see" Planet Pets TV!
Watch the adrenaline-pumping footage from America's Family Pet Expo - April 11, 2008!

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Pet Videos Of The Month!

"Shiva The Singing Dog, Cat Fitness Program & Online Dating for Dogs"


Pet Articles

Dealing With Pets – Important Safety Tips For Parent and Kids
- by Michelle Dalida

Pet care doesn’t only mean keeping your pet healthy, but extends to how to treat all pets and animals. Belfast Telegraph recently printed a story about a pack of dogs running loose on school grounds, eventually attacking several children at St Therese's Lenamore Primary School in Londonderry...

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Easy Tips On Taking Great Care of Your Dog
- By Brandon James

With spring here, you're definitely going to want to spend more time outside with your dog. This is the perfect time to begin getting both you and your dog ready to take full advantage of the upcoming seasons.

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