Volume 2 - Issue 5   September 2008

Fall is in the air and as the days grow shorter and colder you'll probably be spending more indoor time with your pets. Don't forget that animals that are accustomed to outdoor excursions can get a little nuts if they suddenly find themselves cooped up indoors for long stretches. So put your jacket on and get out there in the crisp autumn air to enjoy the changing seasons with your furry friend!

This edition of The Scoop features a slightly new format to introduce you to our popular blog "Today's Inside Scoop" which is a treasure trove of Pet Information, including lots of funny and informative videos! To do this, we'll be linking to some of the outstanding articles and videos recently published. Each article or video will open in a new browser window, so to return to this page just close the window. 

 Enjoy “The Scoop” For September 2008.

The Pet Lover's Necklace Banner

Show your love and help animals in need

 When her beloved cat Yeller of 16 years passed away, jewelry designer Kathleen Fisher of KAThouse design, LLC created a necklace to keep her kitty close to her heart that featured a paw print and initial. Pet loving friends soon wanted one for themselves or to give as a gift. As popularity increased, Kathleen decided to donate a portion of the Pet Lover’s necklace sales to the Humane Society to help animals that had no one to love them.

 If you would like more information on this endearing necklace, please click here (http://www.kathousedesign.com/pet-lovers-necklace.html)

Planet-Pets TV

In this episode of Planet Pets TV Brandon James and Bonnie Rogers return to America's Family Pet Expo and meet some owners of exotic pets including a Tarantula Spider, a Black Throat Monitor and a Red Tail Boa Snake.

Watch Episode 10 Now!

Pet Videos Of The Month!

Simon's Cat in 'TV Dinner' - A funny cat cartoon from Simon Tofield

Skateboarding Dog - This just proves that Dogs, like humans, will do anything to have fun!

Scuba Cat! - This just proves that cats refuse to be outdone by dogs!


Pet Articles

Here are some of the recent articles that have been posted on "Today's Inside Scoop".

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Great Cat Jokes

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