Shikoku Dog Breed

Shikoku Dog Breed

The Shikoku was first developed near Osaka, Japan on the Shikoku Islands. The Japanese were also very interested in the Pointer and the German Shepherd dog, their traits and performance. As they worked to breed these dogs they ignored their native breeds.

The Shikoku was one of the most ignored dogs, possibly because he was larger than the less neglected Chins and Shibas and not as hearty as the large Akita, which is still very favored today.

This dog is loyal, independent, standoffish and reserved.  He can be very obedient if trained and, with appropriate introduction methods, will get along with almost any house pet.

Height - 17 to 21 inches (43 to 53 cm).
Coat type - short and harsh with a straight, dense undercoat. Color - brindle or red only.

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