Sloughi Dog Breed

Sloughi Dogs

Artist August Legras brought three Sloughi to the Netherlands in 1898. Their impact was so great, however, that the breed still inhabits the homes of European fanciers and is still found around the world.

The Sloughi began in the Arabic countries, and is still found today chasing hare. Arabic people believe that by the time a Sloughi is two years old he should be able to kill a gazelle and at three years a wild boar.

Although the Sloughi gives off an aloof air, he makes a fine companion dog.

Height - 24 to 28 1/2 inches (61 to 72 cm).
Weight - 45 to 60 pounds ( 20 to 27 kg).

Coat type - smooth with tough and fine hair.
Color - all shades of sable or fawn; also possible are
various brindles, white, and black with tan points.

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