How To Enjoy The Snowy Season With Your Pets

It’s time to prepare ourselves for winter: the rain, the snow, the sleet and slippery paws!

Everyone needs good winter gear to keep warm and safe and our pets are no exception.

Here are a few products I thought were great to keep those winter blues away.

1.     Heated Water Bowl

Our pets don’t have a natural instinct to paw through ice, plus could you imagine your dog’s tongue stuck to a frozen water bowl? To avoid this painful (yet perhaps slightly amusing) dilemma, get a heated water bowl for your outside pets.


2.     Heated Bed

While this product is great at making an outdoor pet feel a bit of luxury, it’s also good for arthritic pets all year round.


3.     Dog Sweaters and Jackets

They’re not just for fashion! Short-coated dogs should wear a weather-resistant coat when outside; and because older dogs are more susceptible to sickness and arthritis, they, too, can keep out the cold with a snug sweater.


4.     Spray-On Safe Pet Deicer

This all natural "veterinarian approved" spray keeps snow from building up and forming ice balls on your dog’s paws and underbelly. Just spray and you’re good to go!


5.     Pet ID Tags

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re out in the snow, but it’s also easy to lose track of your pet! A simple ID tag could help locate a lost or injured pet and make the difference between life and death. 


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