Saint Bernard Dog Breed

Saint Bernard Dogs

Shrouded in legend and the mists of time, the origin of the Saint Bernard is subject to many theories.

It seems probable that the Saint Bernard developed from stock that resulted from the breeding of heavy Asian "Molosser" (canis molossus), brought to Helvetica by Roman armies during the first two centuries A.D., with native dogs which undoubtedly existed in the region at the time of the Roman invasions. They were apparently well established by 1050 A.D..

A powerful good-natured dog. Famous for being a rescuer of those stranded in the high country. When the dog would come upon a victim it would instinctively lie down next to the victim to provide warmth.

Height: dogs should be 27 1/2 inches at the shoulders; females 25 1/2 inches at the shoulders.

Training Information

St. Bernard Club of America, Inc. (M)

Corres. Secretary, Penny Janz, 33400 Red Fox Way, No. Prairie, WI 53153,

Breeder Contact, Penny Janz, 33400 Red Fox Way, No. Prairie, WI 53153, (414) 392-2852,


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