Take it From Me...

– by Michelle Dalida


What is the best (but can also be the worst) present? An adorable little puppy or kitten with a bow around it. This may seem like the perfect idea, but I know first-hand the dangers of putting a perfect little pet into a household that can’t handle it.

Just a few years ago, my mother worked 12-hour days, my sisters were leaving for college, and I was very active in high school. So with an almost empty house, my mother thought it would be the perfect time to get a dog. Not a tiny lap dog or a dog breed known for its calm temperament, but a mix of bulldog and pit bull.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to train “Bubba” properly. My mother and I were the only people that ever came near him so he became overly protective around guests and particularly hard to handle when taken for walks. Our little terror was even turned away from a training class and was asked to leave by the professor after 10 minutes. Shortly thereafter, I left for college and Bubba’s behavior got even worse…  Bubba became violent. 

It’s really sad to think of all the things that we could have done better, or how Bubba would have turned out with a family that was more informed or that had the time to really take care of him. Giving a pet as a gift is not like giving someone the latest gadget or toy. Pets are real, live things that need a home, love and support for years after the bow is taken off. So if you are thinking of giving someone a pet this year, please be sure that it’s the right home and the right pet.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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