Ticks- How Can I Prevent My Pet From Getting Them?

– by Victoria M. Brown

Does your pet like to play at the park or in your backyard? If so, your pet may be in contact with ticks! All pets that spend time outdoors can easily pick up a tick! It is very easy for a pet to get a tick and they can pick them up from a number of places. Such places include woods, parks, and even your own backyard. Some ticks cannot be seen because they live in dark, moist environments underneath plants and objects. Other ticks live in plain sight and are able to climb structures, such as fences, trees, or tall grass. A tick can easily attach to any pet close to them, so that being said, it is important to know how to prevent and get rid of them if your pet has one.

How Can I Prevent Ticks?

• While ticks are usually found in woody, brushy, and tall grass areas, the best way to prevent ticks is to treat your entire yard for them. Treat your yard with an insecticide, focusing on areas where ticks would most commonly be found. Also make sure to mow your lawn regularly and keep your bushes trimmed.

• You can also prevent ticks by treating your house for them. Ticks can move around a house very easily so it is important to treat the house thoroughly. Make sure you treat all carpets and upholstered furniture, including the sides and backs of the furniture because ticks can climb it. Be sure to treat walls and baseboards. Ticks will hide in baseboards and climb walls. Also make sure to thoroughly treat closets, storage areas, and other places where ticks can hide in your house.

• You can also get a tick preventative for your pet. Tick preventatives kill ticks that attach to your pet. They are a good way to help protect your pet from tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease. A good product to use for your dog is called Preventic. It provides safe and effective control of ticks for up to three months and prevents new ticks from attaching and feeding within 48 hours after application.

What Do I Do If My Pet Gets A Tick?

• If you have found a tick on your pet, you need to get it out. Pull your pet's hair away from the tick. Then use tweezers to grab the tick. Try to get as close to the head as possible. Do not squeeze the tweezers. Instead pull up and away from your pet, pulling the tick out. Do this slowly so you do not break off the head of the tick. Then flush the tick down the toilet.

• If your pet has brought many ticks into the house and caused the house to be infested, continually treat the house as stated above. Also be sure to use a tick prevention product on your pet and check its skin every day. It may take several weeks to completely rid the house of ticks.

It is very important to be aware of the areas where your pet can pick up a tick and know what to do if your pet does pick up a tick. Ticks can carry many diseases, including Lyme disease, and easily transmit disease to your pet. During the summer season, a quick tick check every day is the best way to protect your pet.

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