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Tosa Inu

Called the SUMO DOG in Japan, "THE" traditional Japanese fighting dog. In the fight ring, the Tosa Inu's strength requires two handlers to hold the dog before the bout. A fierce fighting animal, defender of the home, an excellent guard dog. He is athletic, disinclined to barking, highly intelligent, and fearless.

Has a dewlap, but not prone to drooling. Body well muscled; coat is short and dense, colors ranging from red, fawn, or dull black. Red is the preferred color, white markings on chest only. Life expectancy is 10-12 years. Males weigh 140-200 pounds, females are smaller.

Common health problems are intestinal bloat, hip dysplasia, and joint inflammation. Litter mates, when playing can cause substantial damage to each other.

To a Tosa's owner, they are obedient, gentle, intelligent, protective, affectionate, requires excellent socialization.

They are extremely dog-aggressive. Never let them feed with other dogs, or have two Tosas of the same sex living together.

Tosas are easy to train by owners who must be experienced, plus physically and mentally strong. The dogs are stronger than humans are; some Tosas have been recorded pulling over 3,500 pounds.

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