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Are you looking for a toy breed dog to live in your apartment or condominium?  Want a lap dog to watch TV with you,
with minimum shedding?  Do you have allergies or other pets?  A Toy Breed Dog is what you want!


Toy Breeds

Looking for a tough, lively, energetic guard dog?  Intelligent and easy to train, the Affenpinscher is a strong toy breed dog.

A cute, fluffy toy breed, the Bolognese, sometimes referred to as a Bichon Bolognese, makes a great laptop friend!

Brussels Griffon
The Griffon Bruxellois or Brussels Griffon is known to have a huge heart,  a strong desire to snuggle and be with his or her master.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
“The Ultimate Lap Dog” is the Cavalier Spaniel’s nickname.  This highly affectionate and playful breed is perfect for any dog owner.

Careful with this toy breed, Chihuahua’s are an attention needy dog.  But if you’ve got the love, they’ll give you their prized devotion, ferocity and personality.

Chinese Crested
If you want attention, a Chinese Crested is your dog.  Very affectionate, but attention needy, people on the street will ask you where you got this miniature horse.

Coton de Tulear
Spunky, eager to learn, clownish, devoted, happy, calm, friendly, gentle, curious, intelligent, boisterous, and playful are all major traits of a Coton de Tulear.

English Toy Spaniel
Also known as the King Charles Spaniel, the English Toy Spaniel makes for a great lap dog to keep you company.

Belonging to the Bichon family of dogs, the Havanese breed is a great dog for a family with children.  Read further to find out more information on this great toy breed.

Italian Greyhound
Able to reach a top speed of up to 45mph, the Italian Greyhound is a very active, intelligent toy breed.

Japanese Chin
Widely known for displaying cat-like behavior and independence, the Japanese Chin is the dog of Japanese Royalty.


Bred for companionship, the Maltese breed is very well tempered, do not shed (hypoallergenic), and are very easily trained.

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