West Siberian Laika Dog Breed

West Siberian Laikas

The West Siberian dog is seen more often than the East Siberian and is definitely more established. These Laikas are known as sled dogs and are popular for hunting big game. The sable or ermine, is this hunter's favorite.

The hunters from the areas of Khantu and Mansi bred the dogs strictly for working purposes.  The West Siberian Laika comes from the same background as the other laika dogs. Because the work done by these dogs is so hard on them, they are used less than ten years as sled dogs and hunters.

Height - 21 to 24 inches ( 53 to 61 cm).
Weight - 40 to 50 pounds (18 to 23 kg).

Coat type - short and stand-offish.
Color - solid or piebald in white, tan, red, white, or black.

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