Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog

Cardigan Welsh Corgis

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Pembroke & Cardigan Welsh Corgis were first recognized as separate breeds in 1935. One of the oldest breeds in the British Isles. She has been known in the land for at least 3000 years. Named for the hills of Cardiganshire in Wales. The name "Corgi" comes from words meaning dwarf, working dog and "yard-long" dog. Stealing one of these ladies (or guys) would merit the thief severe penalties.

A good nickname for the Cardigan is "Card", for she can be. Her name appropriately brings up images of a warm garment to snuggle up in. A very playful animal, affectionate, cuddly, smart, quick, and very alert.

She is a great family dog who will work hard. One of the smallest breeds in the herding division. She can compete in conformation with the AKC as well as; agility, obedience, herding trials, and tracking.

The Cardigan has a foxy face, large upright ears, bushy tail, long and low to the ground, with the front legs slightly bowed around a barrel chest. She typically weighs 25-34 pounds with the males weighing 30-38 pounds.

Her coat comes in a variety of shades; brindle, red, sable, blue merle and black. Some black or white on face, a collar around the neck, legs, underbelly, chest or muzzle is acceptable. Her fur is usually clean and odorless, brushing once a week will keep her in good shape. Keep her feet and nails trimmed and she'll do great.

Romps in the woods are as much fun to her as playing with you in the back yard. She has loads of stamina, very active, and will zip for ball-catching fun. She's like having a GOOD perpetual puppy for her lifespan of 12-15 years.

Training Information

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America (M)

Corres. Secretary, Ginny Conway, 14511 Trophy Club Dr., Houston, TX 77095-3420

Breeder Contact, Tricia Olson, 5512 La Plata Cir., Boulder, CO 80301, (303) 530-7107  


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