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mini zebus

Mini Zebus are gentle pets and easy to raise. Originally from the island of Sri Lanka in Asia, they are a hardy little animal. They require no special care and do not need heated quarters in winter. Just a dry bed of straw in a little barn out of the wind will do even below zero! They love summer and it never gets too hot for them. They need no special shots and are easy to worm - just put in feed.

They eat very little and get along fine on grass in spring, summer and fall. Any good hay in winter is sufficient. Mini Zebus are one of the most beautiful, exotic and rare, yet carefree and hardy pets you can have. They love treats, of course, especially grain, which should be limited to one pound a day. Any good horse or cow feed from your local feed store will do. Provide a salt block and fresh clean water.

Mini Zebus live to be 16 to 18 years old. This mother cow is 34" tall.

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