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Fish Tanks and Aquarium Equipment– Buying and Setting up Your New Aquarium

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Fish and aquarium shops have a variety of tanks for sale. The best ones are all glass tanks with silicon rubber joints. You can find them with decorative frames. 

Here are some things to consider before you buy:

1. If you've decided to use rocks, you'll need to place these in the fish tank first. As mentioned before you will need to place Styrofoam between the glass and rocks. The bottom material should go into the fish tank next.

2. The gravel goes into the aquarium first along with the plant fertilizer.

3. Next install the aquarium filter making sure that the intake and the outtake are kept as far from each other as possible. The outside filter should be filled now.

4. The
heater should now be installed into the fish tank. Do not plug it in yet.

5. Next, install the remaining technical equipment. You can hide these with the remaining decorations. If you're going to have plants in your fish tank, now is the time to plant them.  

6.  Next pour in half of the water. It is suggested that you place something flat, on both sides, in the middle of the tank in which to pour the water onto. This will aid in keeping the materials you've placed in the tank from being disturbed.

7. After pouring the water in, turn on the technical equipment.

Before introducing your fish, run the aquarium for at least two weeks. This will aid in establishing the water properties that the plants and fish will need to survive.

8. After the two week period you can add the fish.

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